Mission of Euromet S.r.l.

Euromet S.r.l. target is a timely response to market demands, offering material produced by the worldwide best steel producers, for which the company operates on exclusive agreement basis.

The constant presence in offering a variety of products at market price, with delivery at the level of European manufacturers has allowed the company  to increase year-by-year the sales volumes and its market participation.

So Euromet S.r.l. grows up gradually, increasing the number of loyal customers and the tonnages of imported material.

Proud of its  corporate values, ​​built up over time, thanks to the solid familiar experience and to the goal of creating long-lasting business relationships, with tenacity and passion Euromet supports  its customers in the import of steel products, providing technical, relational, logistics and documentation assistance.

Quality is what sets Euromet S.r.l. apart and makes the company unique in a highly competitive and constantly changing market:

certified quality of the products from major  worldwide steel producers and quality of service, the result of fifty years experience in this field and of the care in the orders  follow up  that allow the company  to offer an efficient and reliable support to both customers and suppliers.